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AlphaCord - Preserving Newborn Stem Cells

History & Mission

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As a premier umbilical cord stem cell banking company, our mission is to provide the most affordable cord blood and cord tissue stem cell banking available, while maintaining the industry's highest scientific standards in our sample processing and storage. We are successful in that mission.

In 2002, AlphaCord was founded by a parent who believed cord blood banking should cost less than what other providers charged.

In 2010, AlphaCord was one of the first private blood banks to respond to groundbreaking scientific research by offering cord tissue preservation. Many scientists believe the mesenchymal stem cells found in this tissue will complement the benefits of cord blood stem cells. We offer this service without compromising our commitment to affordability for our clients.

We will diligently monitor scientific advancements for opportunities that offer enhanced or improved avenues for stem cell therapies.