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AlphaCord - Preserving Newborn Stem Cells

Perfect Outcomes

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The ultimate measure of the professionalism and effectiveness of a cord blood bank is the success rate in providing viable stem cells for transplants. We are proud that our lab has an unmatched record of success after releasing one hundred samples for treatment.

There are strict procedures that must be adhered to in order to achieve this perfect record.

Any variation will cause a reduction in viable cells available when the sample is thawed for therapy.

For each release, the receiving Transplant Medical Center reported the samples acceptable for infusion. Our TNC/MNC and CD34+ counts have all been well within expected values, cell viability percentages appropriate, Colony Forming Unit growth active, and microbiology culture negative.

These results not only verify our collection, transportation, processing, and storage methods are all effective, but should you ever need your child's stem cell samples, you've chosen the right place with AlphaCord.