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AlphaCord - Preserving Newborn Stem Cells


I can’t thank AlphaCord enough for helping me make the decision to store my first grandchild’s cord blood. They answered all of my questions and even gave me information I didn’t know to ask. I never felt pressured and the whole process was easy and stress-free.

As a family already coping with cancer-I appreciated the professionalism and patience with all of my many concerns.

I have recommended AlphaCord to all my friends as the perfect gift for their grandchild!

- Lily G / Atlanta, GA

AlphaCord was the only company to provide me with unbiased websites so I could research the advantages of cord blood storage.

They offered us several payment options and were able to accommodate what became a last minute decision (I delivered early).

My husband and I can’t thank them enough for all of their help.

- Mary J. / Memphis, TN

When my sister became pregnant, I wanted to give her the best shower gift. Matt at AlphaCord was able to provide me with a beautiful certificate letting her know I had given her the cord blood storage as a gift.

I can’t wait for my baby-I have already registered!

- Pamela A. / San Clemente, CA

When I realized how inexpensively I could bank my child's cord blood with AlphaCord I was frankly a little suspicious.

I thought for sure we'd be getting a bill for more than we signed up for. But, evidently everything went exactly as promised and for the price listed on your website. Thanks again.

- Sarah B. / Boston, MA

I had checked into storing the cord blood of my child but hadn’t made a firm decision and thought I had plenty of time with 1 month left still to go. I visited my Dr. and she told me that she expected the baby much earlier than my original due date. I started calling some of the other agencies only to find out that there was a sur charge for late ordering on top of the already high price of the kit for some of them. Then others told me it would take 5 days to process the order or I needed a credit check for payments. I was really beginning to panic. I hesitantly called AlphaCord expecting to hear the same thing. I was ecstatic to hear not only would they process the order the day I placed it but it would be there the following day and for nearly ½ of what I was quoted from other companies. I placed my order and the kit arrived the following morning. The baby came 1 week after we got the kit and the collection went smoothly. An AlphaCord representative called me the day after and let me know that the collection was great.

Thanks AlphaCord.

- Janice D. / Tampa, Fl

Thanks for making this such an easy choice. I was on the fence whether to bank our child's cord blood or not, but after reviewing your website I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


- Lacey C. / Houston, TX

After calling around to various cord blood companies when my wife became pregnant I was bombarded with calls and information almost daily from some of the major companies. I placed 1 call to Alphacord for information I was worried that I was going to get more calls and hesitated to give them my information. I received my information pack in the mail 4 days later. I received 1 email as a follow up about a special. After looking at their prices and finding them more reasonable than the other companies, I called them up and asked them why they weren’t bothering me 24/7? They replied “We would rather you be happy and informed with our service than scare or badger you into a decision.” I placed my order and got my kit 2 days later. Everything went smoothly and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision.

- Jim P / Patterson, NJ

I was eight months pregnant when my doctor brought up the idea of storing my unborn child’s cord blood. My first born was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma late into my second trimester. My doctor helped educate me about alternative treatments, including treatment with stem cell research. He was convinced that my unborn child may possibly be the answer to my prayers. After discussing this alternative with my doctor, I began to do my own research. Being a single working mom, the cost to collect and store my unborn child’s cord blood was discouraging; until I found out about AlphaCord.

AlphaCord offers several different laboratories to choose from, with affordable processing costs. Not to mention they offered me the option to pay my first year in nine installments!!! I got on the phone immediately and called them up. The person I spoke with was very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable talking to them about my specific situation.

I believe she truly cared about my situation and she was more than willing to help choose the best course of action, for my specific position. I feel fortunate to have had AlphaCord there for such a difficult time in my family’s life.

Thank you AlphaCord!

- Rebecca W./ San Diego CA

I cannot thank AlphaCord enough for all their hard work and support. My partner and I were expecting twins and they decided to come four weeks early. I was so stressed out, but everyone at AlphaCord was so kind and knowledgeable they were able to calm me down. Now my partner and I are proud parents of two beautiful twin boys, Scott and Luke.

- Michelle Thomas/ Dallas, TX

There are a lot of cord blood companies promising customer service. I called three of your competitors wanting to speak with a "cord blood specialist" and all three times I was given incomplete information or a phone service operator. I called Alphacord at 9 pm on Sunday night and expected another let down. To my surprise, not only did someone answer my call, but after the call I decided to sign up online

Thanks for making it convenient for me.

- Michael B./ Chicago, IL