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Pregnancy Facts – Second Trimester

During your second trimester of pregnancy, your baby is developing into an infant that can survive outside of the womb.  Here are some interesting facts about your growing baby: * Your baby has fingerprints at only 13 weeks. * Your baby already has eyebrows and eyelashes. * By 20 weeks, most parents can find out […]

Pregnancy Facts – First Trimester

  You probably just found out you are pregnant.  It’s only been a few weeks since you learned you will be having a baby.  What’s going on in your body?  How is your baby growing?  Here are some quick facts about the first trimester of pregnancy:   At six weeks, your baby is the size […]

Women’s Health Week – Preventative Screenings

Eating healthy and physical activity are just part of the puzzle to maintaining health for women.  Another very important piece is making sure to get the appropriate preventative screenings.  The screenings recommended by the CDC vary depending on age and risk factors.  Below is a quick list of some of the recommendations.  Make sure to […]