About AlphaCord

The Day Of Your Baby’s Birth Will Be One Of The Best Days Of Your Life. 

Learn why more expecting parents choose AlphaCord to store their baby’s newborn stem cells.

History & Mission

In 2002, AlphaCord was founded by a parent who believed cord blood banking should cost less than what other providers charged, while maintaining quality and service standards above and beyond industry competitors.

Friendly Customer Care

Our Customer Service

While we want to earn your business, we will not pressure you. We believe if we answer your questions sufficiently, act as a resource, and meet your needs, pressure selling isn’t needed. Our full time representatives rotate taking after hours phone coverage. This ensures you will always have a knowledgeable and experienced expert to speak with.

Superior Pricing

Affordable Pricing & Payment Options

Newborn stem cell preservation should be at a price that makes it available to everyone. That has been our belief since we opened in 2002. Please compare our prices to our competitors, we welcome it. You will find our processing price and our annual storage rates are the lowest in the industry, for cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue.

We’ve designed our pricing, storage and payment plans so they are convenient for you and your family.

We frequently are asked how we can offer prices so much lower than the industry average.
Unlike our competitors, we don’t seek excessive profit margins. We only engage in targeted sales and marketing activities. We don’t have an expensive, outside sales force trying to induce your physician by paying “collection” fees or buying them lunch. We don’t have celebrity spokespersons. We don’t advertise in expensive journals. We are efficient in our marketing, so we can put money to work where it is needed most. This is the processing and storage of your baby’s sample.

Our $85,000 Guarantee

At AlphaCord, we offer the highest quality guarantee in the industry.

No other company matches our commitment to our families or the quality of newborn stem cell storage we provide. With over a decade of continuous investments in cord blood and cord tissue research and regenerative medicine, we stand by our promise to our AlphaCord families with the added security of a guarantee. If your cord blood stem cells stored with us are prepared for transplant and fail to engraft, we will provide up to $85,000 towards acquiring another source of matching cells. See our guarantee for certain details and other conditions.

Licensing & Accreditation

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