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4 Family-Friendly, Fun Easter Egg Dyeing Ideas

The Easter season is full of family-friendly fun.  The egg hunts, pictures with the Easter Bunny, the weather getting nicer, what’s not to love? Our personal favorite activity of the season? Egg-dyeing! It’s a family event for all ages and typically involves a little friendly competition for who creates the best work of art – […]

Halloween Party With Kids

How to Plan a Kick-Butt Weeknight Halloween

Costumes, candy, jack-o-lanterns— the list goes on! Halloween continues to be one of kids’ most favorite holidays. All of this is loads of fun, but what happens when Halloween falls on a weekday? So, how do you create a fun weeknight Halloween celebration without totally jeopardizing your nighttime routine? We’ve got the scoop! Crock-Pot/Slow Cooker […]

A Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Party to Remember

Independence Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate with lots of friends and family. With traditions like fireworks, patriotic attire, and fun-in-the-sun, this Fourth of July party is sure to be one to remember—so, how can you plan a kid-friendly one? Fun Decorations You’ve already started Pinteresting Fourth of July party ideas. Ladies, let’s be […]