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Newborn baby resting on mother after birth and cord blood donation

What is Cord Blood Donation?

If you are pregnant and have been considering cord blood banking or cord blood donation, it is vital to know all that is involved. Perhaps you heard about cord blood donations and are interested in the process, or maybe you just want to learn more to weigh out the options before making a decision; either […]

COVID-19 + Stem Cells

Covid +Stem Cells As this pandemic drags on, scientists are scrambling to find an effective treatment for COVID-19. With more than 500 clinical trials currently underway across the world, researchers are pouring all their efforts and expertise into the hope of finding a cure. One of the most promising therapies that has developed in recent months is […]

Blood Cancer Awareness

Blood Cancer Month Getting a cancer diagnosis can be devastating. Cancer spreads throughout the body like wildfire. It affects and changes so many lives. One minute your life is filled with laughter, playgrounds, and playdates! The next, worry consumes you, and hospitals and doctors are your new home. But don’t give up just yet; there’s […]

Delayed Cord Clamping & Cord Blood Banking

Delayed Cord Clamping & Cord Blood Banking: Pros and Cons Delayed cord clamping is when your doctor waits to clamp and cut a newborn baby’s umbilical cord, as opposed to almost immediately clamping. While delayed clamping can provide numerous benefits to the baby, you may also be wondering if it’s better to collect the cord […]

AlphaCord's NextGen Collection System

The AlphaCord NextGen Collection System

The AlphaCord NextGen Collection System is now available! We have designed the NextGen Collection System to meet and exceed the needs of parents, families, and healthcare providers.  This proprietary collection system is exclusively AlphaCord’s and can collect 4 times more cord blood than the industry standard. This innovative system consists of TWO components. 1 The […]

When Should I Sign Up For Newborn Stem Cell Banking?

Did you know that the FDA has approved newborn stem cell treatment for over For a lot of first time parents, it can be a daunting task to complete all the To-Dos before your baby arrives. One of the items on your To-Do list should be banking your baby’s newborn stem cells. Unfortunately for many […]


conversation could make a huge difference in the lives of your family and friends. The purpose of World Cord Blood Day is to create awareness about the many benefits of banking cord blood stem cells.  Unfortunately, many expecting parents are unaware of cord blood banking.  In a recent article, 37% of surveyed expecting parents had […]