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COVID-19 + Stem Cells

Covid +Stem Cells As this pandemic drags on, scientists are scrambling to find an effective treatment for COVID-19. With more than 500 clinical trials currently underway across the world, researchers are pouring all their efforts and expertise into the hope of finding a cure. One of the most promising therapies that has developed in recent months is […]

Delayed Cord Clamping & Cord Blood Banking

Delayed Cord Clamping & Cord Blood Banking: Pros and Cons Delayed cord clamping is when your doctor waits to clamp and cut a newborn baby’s umbilical cord, as opposed to almost immediately clamping. While delayed clamping can provide numerous benefits to the baby, you may also be wondering if it’s better to collect the cord […]

Cord Blood Banking Anticoagulants: CPD vs. Heparin

Cord Blood Banking Anticoagulants: CPD vs. Heparin

When it comes to cord blood banking, utilizing materials of the highest standard is extremely important to the success of sample collection and viability. From the components of our collection kit to our laboratory’s sample processing and storage procedures, each and every division of AlphaCord is FDA regulated. One of the most important elements of […]

Treating Autism with Mesenchymal Stem Cells: AlphaCord Partners with Duke University

AlphaCord Partners With Duke University In support of Autism Awareness Month, AlphaCord is proud to announce our partnership with Duke University in current clinical trials using Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy to treat autism. What are Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)? Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are powerful stem cells found in newborn umbilical cord tissue and are […]

Choosing Between Banking Your Baby’s Cord Blood or Delayed Cord Clamping

Choosing Between Banking Your Baby’s Cord Blood or Delayed Cord Clamping.For many parents, preparing for a new addition to the family not only requires a lot of preparation, but can also be a time of information overload. With the topic of delayed cord clamping, parents can be overwhelmed with conflicting information. Some healthcare professionals have […]

Preserving Umbilical Cord Blood for Long Term Use

How long should you store your child’s stem cells? Many parents wonder how long they should store their child’s umbilical stem cells. Researchers have discovered that the lifesaving characteristics of these stem cells can also benefit adults. Crystal Day, a 30-year-old architect from Seattle was first diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2010.  Originally, she […]

Why Banking Umbilical Cord Blood Should Be on Your “To Do” List

The umbilical cord blood industry is becoming more prevalent with the increase in reliability upon science and technology. The stem cell industry continues to conduct research and host trials which test the effects of use of cord blood stem cells against a disease. Still, many expecting families are undecided as to whether or not they […]

Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping (good…bad… or indifferent)

When a family becomes pregnant, there are numerous decisions which must be made. To breastfeed, or bottle-feed? Cloth diapers or Huggies? Daycare or family? Crib or bassinet? The list goes on. . . When choosing to preserve cord blood, many times a parent may question whether or not to cut the umbilical cord immediately or […]