How Banking Works

STEP ONE – Enroll

Enrollment made easy.

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STEP TWO – Collection Kit

Once you have activated your account, we will send you your AlphaCord collection kit containing the only FDA/NDA Approved Pall cord blood collection bag. Be sure to bring your kit with you to the hospital on the big day.

STEP THREE – Your Baby Is Born!

Congratulations, you did it. Next your healthcare professional will collect the newborn stem cell banking options you’ve selected. Place your samples back in your collection kit and call the Courier to arrange pick up.

STEP FOUR – Processing

AlphaCord will process your newborn stem cells using the Modified Rubinstein Method producing the highest stem cell yields and lowest Red Blood Cell contamination.

STEP FIVE – Storage

Once processed, your baby’s newborn stem cells are safely stored and preserved in nitrogen vapor cooled storage tanks at our FDA-licensed facility. A member of our client services team will send you Certificate of Storage for your records.

Retrieval & Transport

If you should need your baby’s stem cells, simply call AlphaCord to assist you. AlphaCord never charges a retrieval fee and will ship your baby’s stem cells for free to any licensed facility within the United States.
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Stem Cell Banking: How It Works