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How to Protect Your Baby During Winter Months!

The winter months can get cold, and the harsh weather can be harmful to your baby. We have developed some tips and advice on how to care for your baby during the winter months.

Its’s important to remember that newborns and infants do not have the ability to self-regulate their core temperature and keeping them in warm temperatures is essential to their health and natural development.

Bundle Up Your Baby

Dress your baby in layers and make sure they are comfortable. Don’t overdo it with heavy blankets; this could cause the baby extreme discomfort and heavy sweating. Fresh air is healthy for the baby to receive, but try to avoid being outside for long periods of time.

Keep Your Baby Moisturized

The cold winter months can be rough on your baby’s skin. It’s important to keep their skin moisturized with a face and body lotion catered to sensitive skin. Dry skin may make your baby scratch their skin, which could lead to further irritation.

Breastfeed Your Baby

Breastfeeding your baby helps them fight bacteria and infections; breast milk contains antibodies and nutrients that strengthen your baby’s immune system. Taking your post-natal nutrients is important as well, as they help you produce natural nutrients for your baby. If the baby is old enough to consume semi-solids, you can feed the baby a healthy soup to keep them warm.

Motherly love and warm hugs are encouraged!

Cuddle with Your Baby

Obviously, the best part of winter with your baby is staying close and cozy together, which creates a deeper bond with your baby and allows them to absorb your motherly love. Enjoy the winter months with your baby!

"Motherhood: All Love... begins and ends there!”.

Everyone’s child is different. Don't forget to take time to enjoy the moment with your baby.

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You can also provide the best for your baby by banking their newborn stem cells. Preserving your baby’s cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta can protect or enhance your baby’s life. Currently, there are over 80 diseases that are FDA approved to be treated with cord blood stem cells. There are many clinical trials using mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta to treat ailments such as autism, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and spinal cord injuries. Banking your baby’s stem cells privately ensures that their stem cells will be available to them any time in the future.

Currently, there are over 80 diseases that are FDA approved to be treated with cord blood stem cells.

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Newborn Stem Cell Banking is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
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