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stem cell news

Stem Cells Rebuild Damaged Heart Tissue After A Heart Attack

Article from   (CNN) —In medical school, Gerald Karpman was taught that when it comes to matters of the heart, what’s done is done. “If you survived the heart attack, you survived at the level that you were going to be,” he recalls. “Whatever damage was done was permanent.” That thinking has prevailed until […]

stem cell news

Through the Looking Glass (Scientists create a retina using stem cells in a dish)

Scientists from John’s Hopkins were amazed recently with the results of an experiment which was not expected to be as successful as it was. “We have basically created a miniature human retina in a dish that not only has the architectural organization of the retina, but also has the ability to sense light,” said M. Valeria […]

cord blood banking
stem cell news

TOP 4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Cord Blood Bank

1. Lab Certifications It is always important to make sure the company you choose has a lab that is certified. The most important certifications and registrations include: FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and AABB (American Association of Blood Banks). Being certified ensures that the laboratory has to follow certain rules and guidelines. These guidelines are […]

cord blood banking
stem cell news

Why Cord Blood Banking Is Important, Especially For Minorities

BANKING STEM CELLS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR MINORITIES. When families find out they are having a child, the most common concern is to ensure that the baby is healthy. One may not anticipate their child encountering major health issues. Saving stem cells is something that many consider, but not as many follow through.  The thought […]

stem cell news

Stem-Cell Treatment for Blindness Moving Through Patient Testing

This article has been pulled from Advanced Cell Technology is testing a stem-cell treatment for blindness that could preserve vision and potentially reverse vision loss. By Susan Young on April 16, 2014 Why It Matters Millions of people lose their vision to age-related macular degeneration, and there is no cure. Vision support: The cells […]

cord blood banking
stem cell news

Cord Tissue 101

Banking cord blood and tissue is a form of “insurance.”  In case of a health emergency, it is undoubtedly good to have, right?  So, why bank cord tissue?  If you’re saving stem cells from cord blood, why would you need cord tissue?  Well, let’s start with figuring out exactly what it is. Cord tissue comes […]

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