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Fourth of July Facts

Independence Day is tomorrow! Here are some facts to start the celebration. America celebrates Independence Day 2 days late. Congress voted for the Declaration of Independence on July 2nd! We celebrate the day the Declaration of Independence was dated. The American flag is never supposed to be held upside down unless it is being used […]


Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Independence Day is almost here, and one of our favorite things about the holiday is spending it with family. Decorating for the holiday is always a fun part of days off, and what better way to decorate than to make your own decoration crafts? Here are some of our favorite Fourth of July kids’ crafts […]


Potty Training Tips

It’s time to potty train. This is a time of frustration and stress for many parents. It doesn’t have to be, however! We have collected some of the best tips we can find to make potty training stress free for both you and your child! If you have any great tips, leave them in the […]


Interesting Pregnancy Facts

If you are or ever have been pregnant, you know that your body is going through some pretty crazy changes. If you are like most women, you had no idea what to expect! Here are some interesting pregnancy facts that are sure to be useful to you! Your feet can grow an entire shoe size. […]


DIY Fossil Craft Fun For Kids!

Have you ever tried to make your own fossil? Crafts that double as science experiments are so much fun! What better way to teach your children about science than to make sure they enjoy the experience? The fossil craft recipe is one of our favorite crafts for kids. You can do this activity after taking […]


Summertime Free (or Almost Free) Activities for Kids

Summer vacation is finally here! Kids all over are excited to be home and have more time for fun. Parents are excited too, until they start hearing the dreaded words… “Mommy, I’m bored!”. Don’t worry, AlphaCord blog to the rescue! We have compiled a list of fun activities (both indoor and outdoor) that are sure […]

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