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cord blood banking
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Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Stem Cells – The Differences

When you enroll to store your cord blood, you may be asked if you want to store cord tissue as well.  What is the benefit of storing cord tissue?  At AlphaCord, we get this question often.  Here is some information to help you understand both cord blood and tissue and why you would want to […]


Scrapbooking – Ultrasound Photos

Pregnancy is such an exciting time!!  You are likely taking pictures whenever possible: professional shoots, family photos, and even at the doctor’s office.  By your second trimester you have tons of ultrasound pictures.  You know you want to keep them forever, but what should you do with them?  Don’t just put them in a box.  […]


Pregnancy Facts – Third Trimester

During the third trimester, your baby is drinking, and then urinating, the amniotic fluid.  The amniotic fluid is recirculated and replenished every three hours, so make sure you are drinking plenty of water! Once you have reached 35 weeks, your baby has probably settled into the position for birth. At 36 weeks, your baby will […]

cord blood banking
stem cell news

Cord Blood Banking Video Testimonial

  One of our current AlphaCord moms made a video about her childbirth experience and decision to bank her baby’s cord blood with AlphaCord.  What do you think about her experiences?  Does hearing about banking first hand from a mother help you make a decision?


Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby

Before you were pregnant, your dog received most of your quality attention.  Now that you are bringing a new baby home, you don’t want your dog to feel left out or unloved.  You don’t want your dog to act out by pooping in the house or in the nursery.  You definitely do not want your […]


Pregnancy Facts – Second Trimester

During your second trimester of pregnancy, your baby is developing into an infant that can survive outside of the womb.  Here are some interesting facts about your growing baby: * Your baby has fingerprints at only 13 weeks. * Your baby already has eyebrows and eyelashes. * By 20 weeks, most parents can find out […]

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