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cord blood banking
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Cerebral Palsy Treated Using Stem Cells from Stored Cord Blood

A two-year-old boy in Germany with Cerebral Palsy has successfully been treated with his own stem cells.  The child, known only as L.B., was left in a vegetative state after going into cardiac arrest as an infant.  He had severe brain damage.  The doctors told his parents that his chances for survival were slim.  Until […]

cord blood banking
stem cell news

Cord Blood Storage and Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping

Many people believe that a choice has to be made between storing your baby’s cord blood and delayed clamping, but that is not the truth.  In fact, of the 200mL of blood contained in the umbilical cord after birth, only 20-40 mL will go into your newborn baby.  The benchmark amount of cord blood needed […]


Pregnancy Facts – First Trimester

  You probably just found out you are pregnant.  It’s only been a few weeks since you learned you will be having a baby.  What’s going on in your body?  How is your baby growing?  Here are some quick facts about the first trimester of pregnancy:   At six weeks, your baby is the size […]


Most Popular Baby Names of 2012

The Social Security Administration recently released their top baby names of 2012.  Many of the names on the list are inspired by different celebrities.  For instance, number 2 on the top boy names list is Mason.  Mason is inspired by the Kardashian clan.  What is your favorite baby name?  How did you choose your baby’s […]


Benefits of Storing Your Baby’s Cord Blood

The benefits of storing cord blood have been widely discussed.  Although some cite the cost of banking cord blood as a reason to not bank, AlphaCord makes the costs of banking your baby’s cord blood less than $100 a month for 12 months, for the first year!  For more information on how to store your […]


Women’s Health Week – Preventative Screenings

Eating healthy and physical activity are just part of the puzzle to maintaining health for women.  Another very important piece is making sure to get the appropriate preventative screenings.  The screenings recommended by the CDC vary depending on age and risk factors.  Below is a quick list of some of the recommendations.  Make sure to […]

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