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Healthy Pregnancy – Top 10 Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Beans: Rich in protein and fiber.  Keeps constipation away. Soy: Protein and all essential amino acids.  Also contains calcium, fiber, and vitamins. Salmon:  Rich in DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Sweet Potatoes:  Naturally contains fiber, vitamin C, and folate.  These are essential for a healthy pregnancy. Popcorn:  A whole grain […]


Get Moving! Women’s Health Week – Benefits of Being Active

Happy National Women’s Health Week! It’s not news that physical activity is good for you. We all know that being active can reduce your chance of being overweight, but did you know that regular physical activity can also lower your risk of certain diseases?  Here is a list of a few diseases that are less […]


Happy Mother’s Day!!!! – Advice From Mothers

As Mother’s Day approaches, we should take some time to look back on the great advice given to us by our mothers.  Here is some advice given by mothers of celebrities… “Strivers achieve what dreamers believe.  If you put your mind to it, you can do it.  Be careful what you wish for because you […]


Family Friendly Vacations

Have you ever planned a family vacation and when you arrived you realized the location is less than “family friendly?”  Nothing like trying to find activities for the kids to do in a place where it seems like no child has visited in the past 50 years.  Of course, adult time is out of the […]

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Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

Doctors recommend a list of foods to avoid while pregnant.  These foods can contain bacteria like E. coli or harmful chemicals like mercury.  Whatever the reason,  please make sure you cross these foods off your shopping list while pregnant.  Also make sure to ask if these foods are included in anything you order while eating […]


Max’s Story – Stem Cells Bring A New Hope

When Shelli decided to store her baby’s cord blood, she was hoping she would never have to use it.  Shelli was pregnant with her third child, and she had not stored her first two children’s cord blood.  Things were different this time, since both the baby’s parents were older.  This increased the chance of any […]

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