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Aerial view of a swaddled baby yawning in their crib.
Closeup of woman with pink baby shower nails holding bottle-shaped party favors.

Cutest Baby Shower Nail Ideas
For The Mom-To-Be

One of the best ways to prepare for your bundle of joy is by having a baby shower. It’s your time to show off your baby bump while being surrounded by loved ones. It is also the best time to incorporate the celebration into other aspects of your style like your clothes and even your […]

Stem cell researcher working in a laboratory in front of a microscope.
cord blood banking

What Is the Difference Between Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells?

The human body contains over 30 trillion cells, each of them with their own purpose and role. From blood cells to brain cells, there is a vast amount of cells that make up our composition. Among those, there is perhaps another type of cell many have heard of but do not know much about; the […]

Healthcare provider holding a sample of blood after cord blood testing.
cord blood banking

Cord Blood Testing and Banking

What is cord blood testing? If you are pregnant and considering banking your baby’s cord blood, it’s important to understand the process. Learn more!

Pregnant woman adding a photo and writing in a pregnancy scrapbook.

A Pregnancy Scrapbook To Document Your Journey

What is a pregnancy scrapbook and what types of things should you include? Discover the best ideas and tips that will help document your journey forever!

Rustic baby shower table with decorations and desserts

Rustic Baby Shower Ideas
For Summer

Looking for the best rustic baby shower ideas? We have got you covered. Take your rustic-themed celebration to the next level with these six tips!

Pregnant woman sitting in doctors office talking about cord blood banking pros and cons
stem cell news

Cord Blood Banking: The Pros and Cons & Whether It’s Right For Your Family

If you are an expectant parent, learn more about cord blood banking pros and cons and decide whether or not it is right for your family.

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