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Aerial view of a swaddled baby yawning in their crib.
Silhouette of a pregnant woman walking on the beach at sunset during her babymoon.

What is a Babymoon During Pregnancy?

Whether you are expecting your first child or even your tenth, your entire world is about to change–in the most fantastic way! You can spend the entire pregnancy planning for the future and anxiously awaiting the arrival of your little one, but it’s important that you and your partner take some time for yourselves as […]

cord blood banking
stem cell news

Placenta Banking Benefits

We are pleased to announce that AlphaCord is now storing more newborn stem cells than ever before. In addition to cord blood and cord tissue banking, AlphaCord has begun placenta tissue banking to preserve the powerful stem cells from the placenta. About The Placenta The placenta is an organ formed in the mother during pregnancy. […]

Pregnant woman receiving an ultrasound at a women’s pregnancy center

What Is A Women’s Pregnancy Center?

When it comes to a planned pregnancy, expecting a child for the first time can be a wonderful experience for parents. Pregnancy comes with many changes to the body one might not consider, and with no two pregnancies being alike, it can bring about a myriad of symptoms and questions. For most, having an established […]

40 year old pregnant woman sits on couch while proudly holding 2 blocks to indicate her age

How To Get Pregnant After 40 Fast & Naturally

Everyone knows that age is just a number, but there are certain instances in life where age inevitably plays a factor. One of those instances involves pregnancy. Although there is a considerable time frame when a woman can become pregnant, it may become more challenging as we get older. In today’s world, it is not […]

Baby shower gift of teddy bear and baby essentials for a bear-themed shower.

5 Adorable Teddy Bear Baby Shower Ideas

Why is choosing a baby shower theme so important to moms-to-be? Well, it sets the tone for the entire celebration and allows guests to be a part of the journey from the moment they receive the invitation. However, the theme you choose for a baby shower will also live in the photos and memories of […]

Woman getting an ultrasound after confirmation of an intrauterine pregnancy.

What Is Intrauterine Pregnancy?

It may come as no surprise that there are quite a few different ways pregnancy can be carried to term across animals and humans. The most common type that likely comes to mind is mammalian birth or one in which a mother develops the embryo in a uterus and delivers a live offspring. This type […]

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