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Cord Blood vs. Cord Tissue

Your newborn’s umbilical cord is made of tissue that protects and insulates the veins responsible for carrying blood to and from mom and baby during pregnancy. In addition to playing the role of protector, your newborn’s umbilical cord tissue is an abundant source of several types of stem cells.

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What’s the Difference?

The difference between cord blood and cord tissue lies in the stem cells retrieved from each. Cord blood is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), the building blocks of the blood and immune systems, which can treat over 80 conditions today. Cord tissue contains unique stem cells including endothelial, epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells, the most widely researched stem cells in the field of regenerative medicine.


The Potential

Mesenchymal stem cells have the potential to repair and heal the body in different ways than cord blood stem cells do. Harnessing their ability to create structural and connective tissue, the stem cells contained in the cord tissue are opening exciting new treatment opportunities for some of the world’s most devastating diseases.

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How It Gets Stored

At AlphaCord we preserve the cord tissue as whole segments so that your family have access to all the different cells in the cord including cell types such as mesenchymal, endothelial, epithelial, neuronal, hematopoietic, and perivascular. Research is still in early stages for cord tissue, and by preserving the cord tissue whole, your family will have access to the most options science has to offer and the best available future technologies, as research advances.

Best preserved together

We strongly believe that parents should not only look at the current benefits of cord blood banking but also think about what the future may bring by preserving cord tissue along with cord blood. Preserving your baby’s cord tissue with cord blood means more cells, more treatment options, and more healing potential for your family.

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