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Your NextGen bag has a real-time volume collection indicator. This allows hospital staff to instantly see the amount of blood being collected. Seeing collection volumes in real-time typically results in significantly higher recovery volumes.

Our system incorporates a proprietary rinsing pouch containing an anti-clotting agent. When clinicians activate the pouch, it pushes the valuable cord blood remaining in the tubing into your bag. This maximizes the recovery of your child’s cord blood blood stem cells, while minimizing the risk of clotting.

The two 12-Gauge Needles are used to maximize the amount of cord blood collected. The 12 Gauge diameter allows more blood to freely flow into the collection bag & an additional needle allows for a second insertion, collecting more stem cells.








How much more can the NextGen System collect?

It can collect up to 250ml.

Why does NextGen have two collection needles?

Two 12-Gauge needles to maximize the amount of cord blood collected. Once blood stops flowing through the first needle, the second needle is inserted closer to the placenta. This allows for even more blood to flow to the NextGen bag. Our 12-Gauge diameter needles are far wider than those found in our competitors bag. Wider needles mean more blood collected.

How can we tell how much cord blood has been collected?

Our collection bag is currently the only one on the market that has a real time volume indicator. Being able to see volume levels encourages your physician to collect as much blood as possible.

What is the rinsing pouch used for?

The rinsing pouch pushes the cord blood remaining in the tubing into the actual collection bag. With other systems, the blood remains in the tubing. This makes it unavailable for processing and storage. The anti-clotting agent within the rinsing pouch also helps minimize the risk of clots forming in the collection line.

The NextGen System has a 5 Chamber Storage Bag. Five separate chambers, allow family members up to five different stem cell treatments. For an additional $59, you can snag our five chamber and store more stem cells! Click a tab to read more about the 5 Chamber Bag.

More Stem Cell Treatments

Your child’s stem cells could be used for up to five different treatments.

Future Use Cases

Your physician can use one or more of the 5 chambers at any given time. This flexibility gives you the most options for using stem cells now and having some for future uses. Having five chambers means other family members may also have access to these cells.

Testing & Directed Research

When advances in stem cell research occur, having a 5 compartment storage bag allows your family the benefit of participating in life-saving clinical trials without using all of your stem cells.