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World-class stem cell services for your family.

An AlphaCord cord blood and tissue banking kit


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Cord Blood

Contains hematopoietic stem cells with 80+ uses in
transplant medicine today, including treating cancer and blood disorders.
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Cord Blood
& Cord Tissue

Contains mesenchymal, epithelial and endothelial stem cells, with additional treatment possibilities in regenerative medicine.
Save 76%

Cord Blood, Cord
Tissue & Placenta

All the stem cells you need from the cord blood, cord tissue and placental tissue for protecting your family.


Number of babies you are storing for:


Annual Renewal
Choose to store your newborn stem cells for an annual fee.
20 Years Pre-Paid
Make a one-time
payment for
20 years storage.


12 Months
Spread out your
payments with a
financing plan.
One Time
Pay the fees all at once for the processing
and storage.


Add a 5 chamber Storage Bag – at $59?
Yes No
Add the NextGen system premium 5 chamber storage bag for an additional $59. Five separate chambers, allow family members up to five different stem cell treatments.

Order Summary

Every Package Includes:

  • Complete collection kit
  • All shipping for your kit
  • World-class, high quality processing
  • All quality testing
  • FDA/AABB accredited laboratory
  • Transplant assistance
  • Quality Service Guarantee
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Meet the
AlphaCord Families

I am a mother of two and one of the things that I did not do my first pregnancy that I regret the most was not choosing a cord blood company. After a lot of research, we chose AlphaCord because they have a laboratory, the prices are unbeatable, and I was very touched to know that they were founded by parents who wanted to make cord blood and cord tissue banking to be affordable
for everyone.

- Jacqueline Edwards

As a physician and mother of four, I decided to store my children’s cord blood. We had a positive experience with AlphaCord from the very beginning. AlphaCord makes it extremely easy, from the kit arriving in the mail to harvesting the cord blood. We’ve been using AlphaCord for the last 14 years. We are grateful for this
positive experience.

- - Rachel

Me and my husband chose AlphaCord after extensive research on other companies. We were able to store her cord blood and her tissue sample at AlphaCord. We hope to never have to use the materials, but if we do we know they will be there ready for us. We also plan to go with AlphaCord in the future when our next bundle of joy arrives this August.

- Eve Hochstetler