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Rustic Baby Shower Ideas
For Summer

Looking for the best rustic baby shower ideas? We have got you covered. Take your rustic-themed celebration to the next level with these six tips!

The “rustic” look and design style has become quite popular within the last decade or so. There has been a steady increase in rustic home decor pieces and rustic-themed events such as birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and other celebratory events. Although the term “rustic” is a specific category when it comes to design, many styles can fall under it. At its most basic meaning, the design choice is usually labeled as rustic if the decor is aged, natural, casual, and minimal.

As rustic-themed events continue to grow in popularity, more and more people are looking at them as one of the top design choices or themes for baby showers! So if you are planning on throwing a baby shower or helping someone else plan one, we have some great rustic baby shower ideas for you, just in time for summer!

Rustic Design

So before we share some rustic baby shower design ideas, let’s talk a bit more about the essential rustic pieces you should have on hand and what color palettes you might want to consider–especially if you want to incorporate traditional baby shower colors like blue or pink.

Here are a few simple things to make sure you have on hand that will help with your rustic theme:

  • Mason jars (all sizes)
  • Burlap
  • White string lights
  • Twine
  • Different types of white lace material
  • Wooden frames or other wooden pieces (slabs, log slices)
  • Dried out flowers or artificial flowers
  • Succulents
  • Candles
  • Wicker baskets
  • Aged light signs

The items listed above are some of the most diverse pieces and can be used for multiple types of decorations when it comes to rustic-themed decor. If your budget allows, you can also look up items that are specifically designed for rustic baby showers.

Adorable Rustic Baby Shower Ideas

So now that you know what items can help to create your perfect rustic baby shower, we are going to share some adorable ideas and tips that will really tie the whole theme together.

  1. Invitations
    Creating rustic baby shower invitations is a great way to set the tone for your themed baby shower. For invitations that match your theme, there are plenty of design templates online for you to choose from.
  2. Menu Options
    Food is something that you might not think can be rustic, but there are many food items that you can choose to tie the theme together. One of the main focal points for baby showers is the cake, and nothing quite captures the rustic aesthetic the way a “naked cake” does. It also doesn’t really matter what you serve, but presentation can help make your food station look more aesthetically pleasing. For example, you can use wooden slabs instead of serving trays for hors d’oeuvres.
  3. Centerpieces
    When it comes to table decor, there are so many different ways to get creative but if you really want to wow your guests with the rustic vibe, you should have some inviting centerpieces. You can make these yourself using some of the essentials listed above. For example, you can decorate mason jars with twine, lace, or burlap and use the jars for candles, flowers, or succulents.
  4. Color Scheme
    Standard rustic color schemes tend to have warm, neutral colors but if you want to add splashes of color without jeopardizing the aesthetic, it’s completely doable! Try adding hints of your favorite colors using flowers, candles, desserts, and balloons! If you need inspiration, a quick Pinterest search will pull up thousands of various rustic color schemes.
  5. General Decor
    While you are decorating, make sure to use string lights, succulents, and centerpieces wherever you will have guests. If you have one focal point (the table with the cake or gifts), use this area as the centerpiece of the room. This is where you can incorporate baby decorations that are still rustic. For example, spell out “Baby” using individual marquee “letter lights” that you can find at your local craft store.
  6. Location
    Rustic baby showers are great outdoor celebrations. A backyard can be the perfect backdrop for a rustic baby shower, but if you are looking for a venue, you can look for rentable barns, vineyards, gardens, or anywhere that has an outdoor patio.

Now that you have some rustic baby shower ideas to build off of, you can begin to incorporate personal touches and make it your own!

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