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The Alpha

Newborn sleeping on his side, holding on to his father’s thumb.

Store with the Best

We pride ourselves in using the latest, most advanced technologies to ensure the highest quality and recovery rates in the industry. From our NextGen collection system, to our 5-chamber storage bag, that ensures that your newborns stem cells can be used for up to 5 treatments, we lead the industry with the newest possibilities at an affordable price.

Our laboratory tests your newborn’s cord blood, cord tissue, and placental tissue prior to, and immediately after, processing. All tests are done in accordance with FDA, AABB, and AATB regulations. This is part of our continuous quality control protocols that help ensure every sample contains the most viable stem cells and is transplant ready.

In our state-of-the-art laboratories, the samples are protected with the highest quality care and monitored 24/7 with continuous temperature and environment checks.

From the moment you first contact AlphaCord, you will be assigned a personal newborn stem cell educator. Your newborn stem cell educator is available to answer all your questions and ensure you understand every step of the process. They will go above and beyond to ensure every customer gets the AlphaCord Family experience.

AlphaCord has successfully processed and stored stem cells for the past two decades for tens of thousands of families. Our long history of experience and proven track record deliver assurance in the quality and dependency of our services.

No other company matches our commitment to quality. With almost two decades of continuous operation, we offer our AlphaCord families an added guarantee. If your cord blood stem cells stored with us are prepared for transplant and fail to engraft, we may provide up to $85,000 towards paying for another source of matching cells.

Meet the AlphaCord Families

I am a mother of two and one of the things that I did not do my first pregnancy that I regret the most was not choosing a cord blood company. After a lot of research, we chose AlphaCord because they have a laboratory, the prices are unbeatable, and I was very touched to know that they were founded by parents who wanted to make cord blood and cord tissue banking to be affordable
for everyone.

Jacqueline Edwards with her children - Jacqueline Edwards

As a physician and mother of four, I decided to store my children’s cord blood. We had a positive experience with AlphaCord from the very beginning. AlphaCord makes it extremely easy, from the kit arriving in the mail to harvesting the cord blood. We’ve been using AlphaCord for the last 14 years. We are grateful for this
positive experience.

Headshot of Rachel - Rachel

Me and my husband chose AlphaCord after extensive research on other companies. We were able to store her cord blood and her tissue sample at AlphaCord. We hope to never have to use the materials, but if we do we know they will be there ready for us. We also plan to go with AlphaCord in the future when our next bundle of joy arrives this August.

Mother and her baby - Eve Hochstetler

Are you convinced yet?

For nearly two decades, AlphaCord has worked with tens of thousands of families to preserve their newborn’s valuable stem cells through cord blood and tissue banking. You only have one chance to preserve this precious resource, at birth, to increase the future health options for your family. All the Alphamoms are doing it. Join the family. Learn why every day, more expecting parents choose AlphaCord.

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